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Yörük Tombstones and Their Motifs in the Antalya Region
Ahmet TOPBAŞ**

At the beginning of 13th century, the fertile lands of the Pamphylia Plain became the wintering location for the Teke Türkmen, who had migrated from Central Asia.

These tribes developed and produced new forms of cultural expression by infusing the culture and belief systems they brought from Central Asia, into those of the indigenous people living in this area; and at times by elaborating on the influences of splendid antiquity found here. The tombstones with motifs are amongst the byproducts of such an interchange.

The stonecutters of the region worked in this medium from the 13th century up to the year 1992. The tombstones surveyed in and around the town of Serik can be classified into four groups: 1) Arched Frontal; 2) Sliced; 3) Capped; and 4) Stele types.

The Yörük Tombstones with motifs, the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere in Anatolia, came to flourish after the members of the Teke Türkmen settled here in the 13th century, and they were continuously produced until very recently.

*Musa Seyirci, Kültür ve Tabiat Varlıklarını Koruma Kurulu Müdürü - Antalya
**Ahmet Topbaş Antalya Müzesi Arkeoloğu

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