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Some Unpublished Inscriptions in the Isparta Museum
The scope of the present article is some Greek inscriptions of the Roman Imperial period from Eleukeia, Agrai, Konana and Tymandos now housed at the Isparta Museum. Funerary inscriptions at the Isparta Museum reflect the regional characteristics of Pisidia where it borders Phrygia: Rectangular altars with relief décor on four sides, stelae with pediments and acroteria, and inscribed busts. In addition to these, there is a funerary monument type attested to the south and southeast of Lake Askania and two examples of it are kept at Isparta Museum. The funerary inscription on two fluted columns recovered in Çünür quarter of downtown give an idea regarding the original forms of these monuments. Some of such columns bear not only an inscription but also the signature of the sculptor; they possibly carried large marble urns, many examples of which are found in the Isparta and Burdur Museums. Inscriptions from Çütnür also indicate the presence of a village settlement there.

* Dr. Pınar Özlem-Aytaçlar
Ege Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Eskiçağ Dilleri ve Kültürleri Bölümü, Bornova-İzmir
E-mail: paytaclar@yahoo.com

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