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New Finds of the Alanian Graves with Import Goods in the Krasnodar Region
Boris RAEV*

The paper is about two nomadic Alanian graves belonging to one man and one woman unearthed in the Krasnodar region of Russia. The graves are dated to the 1st century AD and are considered as evidence for the Alanian migration.

The import goods such as fibulae, bronze bucket and sword found in the graves indicate an origin in the Mediterranean or Anatolia. Some other imported goods reached Sarmatia from Galatia via the Mithridates?? during the war against Rome.

The amber inside a brooch-fibula uncovered in the grave nr. 1 is of Arabian or Red Sea origin. Besides, it is possible to claim that two vessels from grave nr. 2 were produced by local masters under Anatolian influence.

All this data suggests that the Alanian migration from central Asia to the Pontic region must have been via Anatolia.

*Prof. Dr. Boris Raev, Department of History, Academy of Culture, 40 let Pobedy 33, 350072 Krasnodar - Russia

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