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The Area of Sillyon Contains All Sorts of Geographical Terrains Encountered in Pamphylia
Michael KÜPPER*

The area of Sillyon contains all sorts of geographical terrains encountered in Pamphylia:

1. Coastal areas with low hills, displaying little ruggedness.
2. Areas with high hills, mostly rocky.
3. High mountains, such as the Tauruses, separating Pamphylia from neighbouring regions like Pisidia and Cilicia.

This study aims at identifying the dependency of settlements on the topography in the light shed by centres of finds in the Sillyon region.
Indeed a variety of settlements distinguishing themselves archaeologically from each other have been identified.

1. The region close to the coasts allows for settlements not in need of fortification thanks to the topography. Thus, we find compact settlements of various sizes depending on the size of the cultivatable land. Our surveys have also indicated a possible site for the ancient port of Sillyon.

2. Areas with medium-height mountains feature settlements with or without defence systems. Centres outside the cities assume the function of the main city as the site of refuge. The settlement is entirely dependent on the terrain and generally dispersed.

3. Full dependency on topography is evident in the mountainous areas. Agricultural needs are supplied from the pastures. The farmhouses are entirely isolated from each other. No settlement outside cities has been identified to date. This condition is comparable with that in Lycia, which also features mountainous and forested land.

As a result, Sillyon has a paradigmatic nature thanks to its centres of finds and varying topography. The data obtained in this study is expected to be re-evaluated at other sites in Pamphylia in the future.

*Dr. Michael Küpper, Philipps Universitat, Marburg - Deutschland.

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