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The Pressure Line of the Aspendos Aqueduct
Susan PİRAS*

If not for its Roman theatre, Aspendos is probably best known for its remarkable aqueduct system serving the city. The water arrived from the mountains in the north, and crossed the wide valley between these mountains and the acropolis by means of an inverted siphon. The pipeline of this siphon was made out of perforated stone blocks and ran over two 'hydraulic towers' before arriving at the city. It is assumed that the top of each tower was equipped with an open tank into which the water poured from the pipeline and from which the water entered the next section, dividing the pipeline into three consecutive siphons. The purpose of the hydraulic towers and the breaking up of the siphon into three parts is as yet not clearly understood.

In 1996, a survey of the siphon was carried out as a first campaign of the Aspendos Aqueduct Research Programme. In this article the results of the survey are discussed, from which conclusions may be drawn with respect to the course of the siphon and the pressure conditions within it.

*Drs. H. P. M. Kesenner. c/o L&L, van Slichtenhorststraat 13, 6524 JH Nijmegen - The Netherlands.
**Drs. S. A. G. Piras Groesbeekseweg 118 6524 DL Nijmegen - the Netherlands.

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