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The Byzantium Ceramics, Showing Champleve Technique, in the Antalya and Bodrum Museums

The Byzantium ceramics which are to be seen in the Antalya and Bodrum Museums are distinguished by their technique, decoration and style. These ceramics consisting of bowls and plates are underwater finds.

On the inside surface of these ceramics decorated with champleve technique are embellishment of a similar character. Within the medallion in the center, there is a depiction of a struggle between a wild animal (a lion or a tiger) and a deer. Moreover, the blank surfaces of the medallion are embellished with the figure is depicted is surrounded by a few circular enclosing lines.

Many similar samples can be found in a wide geographic area. Examples have been found in the excavations in Corinth and Sparta in Greece and Cherson in southern Russia. Besides, works with similar stylistic features have been found in the Skopelos ship-wreck in the Aegean and in excavations on Cyprus. These works date to late 12th century and the early 13th century, according to stratigraphic data and coins. All three examples are likely to have been produced in the same period and in the same place which has yet to be determind.

This type of glazed pottery is called "Aegean Wares" by A.H.S. Megaw and is said to have been produced in one or more places in the Aegean region. However, a great number of these wares in Turkey's museums have not been considered.

The correct understanding of the works called "Aegean Wares", which are to be found distributed over a very wide geographical area as underwater finds, can only be reached after the publication of the Anatolian examples, as they constitute the largest surviving group of "Aegean Wares".

*Yard. Doç. Dr. Sema Bilici, Gazi Eğitim Fakültesi, Resim İş Eğitim Bölümü, Seramik Ana Sanat Dalı, Beşevler - Ankara

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