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Stone Relief Carved Panels with Trapezoid Cross Section, The Upper and Lower Elements of Panels in the Saint Nicholas Church at Demre

In the article, questions related to the function and the places of use for objects such as panels with trapezoid cross sections, the upper and lower elements of panels used for architectural and liturgical purposes are discussed. The Saint Nicholas Church at Demre contains a very rich collection of architectural plastic works, found in situ and assembled in the courtyard and the gallery, which belong to different stages of the church's construction. To these are added 3342 pieces of work in marble and stone, discovered during the excavations carried out under the direction of Y. Ötüken since 1989.

Evaluations of the function and the places for the use of such elements as panels with trapezoid cross sections, the upper and lower elements of panels at the church, would shed light on the stone ornaments of the building still standing today. Form and dimension in stone works are the most important criterion in defining their function and usage. Besides which, the motif, the style, and the technique of composition and the ornamentation are also important. The works under discussion must be evaluated together with in situ examples of Byzantine architectural development, as well as with similar examples found in excavations or displayed in museums, especially those from the Lycian region and surrounding areas of the Mediterranean coast. The fact that the stone works, belonging to the buildings and the settlement in the Lycian zone, and the Mediterranean basin in general, exhibit a local and regional integrity in terms of style, motif, and workmanship commands attention.

*Dr. Sema Alpaslan, Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Sanat Tarihi Bölümü, Bizans Sanatı Anabilim Dalı - Ankara.

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