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Same Type, Different Legend: Anchiale or Soloi?
Hale Güney
In conclusion, utilizing the two known coin examples of Anchiale that bear a Greek legend, this study discusses two possibilities of whether these two names refer to two different cities or to one city with two different names. Due to the impossibility of taking only two coins as evidence enough to support either of the hypotheses suggested in this study, it is concluded that more specimens are needed to achieve a more concise identification and interpretation of the coin at hand. Consequently, contributions and criticism both from public and private collectors as well as academicians will help to advance the debate to further certainties.

The Coin of Soloi:
Obv.: Amazon kneeling left, quiver and bowcase at her side, holding bow; to right, facing head of satyr.
Grape bunch on vine; fly to lower right; all within incuse square.
AR Third Stater 13 mm., 3.47 g, ↓.
The image taken from (19/03/2014): http://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=231076
Reference: SNG France 129; SNG Levante 41 = SNG von Aulock 5860.

The Coin of Anchiale:
Obv.: Amazon kneeling left, quiver and bowcase at her side, holding bow.
Rev.: [A]ΓXIAΛ[A].
Grape bunch on vine; facing head of satyr to lower right; all within incuse square.
1. Inv. No. : K.D. 650-1787, AR Third Stater 12/13 mm. 3.16 g. 
2. Gorny-Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung Auction 208, 16 Oct. 2012, lot. 1608.
Obv. Frog to upper right (?). Rev. AΓXIAΛA, Stater 10.22 g.

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