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Antalya in the Ottoman Period the 18th Century the Documents (I)

In compliance with the universal practice of keeping the documents from the past in archives, the state documents in Turkey are kept in two main institutions, namely the Departments of the Ottoman Archives and the Archives of the Republic, both affiliated with the General Directorate of Prime Ministerial State Archives. In addition to these places, the Military Archive at the General Staff War Office and the Archive of the General Directorate of Land Registry & Survey and the Archive of the General Directorate of Pious Foundation should se mentioned.

A specific group of documents kept at the Archive of the General Directorate of Pious Foundation is a collection of notebooks named Hurufat Defterleri (the Alphabetic Registers), which contain information concerning the period between 1690-1840. It is great help for researches and investigators that these registers belonging to the Governorship of Anatolia were arranged in the sequence of townships, and the towns indexed according to the old alphabet. Antalya is listed under the first letter “elif”.

In this register, the administrative correspondence between the local Kadi (Magistrate) and the Governorship of Anatolia is preserves concerning subjects somewhat more or less related to Pious Foundations. The communications exchanged are entered as summers in order to expedite procedures. The actual purpose was to facilitate tracking the status of appointed persons.

In this article, the entries concerning Antalya Township between the dates, September 1726 and February 1728, as found in Register numbered 1143, titled “This is the Book Elif, Bâ, Tâ, Cim, Ha and Dal, year 1139-1140” from the “Archive of the General Directorate of Pious Foundations” are transliterated in their entirety.

The information pertaining to these years is usually about officials assignment to duty. According to author, appointment records of this sort can be made the subject of many diverse investigations, and he wishes to affirm that such a prospect should be taken into serious consideration.

*Prof. Dr. Tuncer Baykara, Ege Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Tarih Bölümü, Bornava-İzmir.

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