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The Deeds and Works of Mübarizeddin Ertokus: the Turkish Administrator and Commander of Antalya

The first Turkish appointed administrator and commander of Antalya was Mübarizeddin Ertokus. who was originally a personal servant and slave of Giyaseddin Keyhusrev. When Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhusrev 1st conquered Antalya on the 5th March 1207, he appointed Mübarizeddin Ertokuş as the sübasi, the military and administrative head, and commander of Antalya.

Through the rebellion of local Greeks, Antalya gained temporary freedom from the Seljuks. However Sultan İzzeddin Keykavus I recaptured the town on 22 January 1216 and Mübarizeddin Ertokus, was re-appointed as the sübasi of Antalya.

Mübarizeddin Ertokuş had a big role in the conquest of Alanya and the eastern coastal areas towards Silifke. Following the conquest of the land held by the Mengucukids in 1228. Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad 1st sent his eldest son. Giyaseddin Keyhusrev there as the "Melik" or Lord, and Mübarizeddin Ertokus, as the atabeg to Giyaseddin. Melik Giyaseddin and Atabeg Ertokus together launched a campaign against Trabzon but were unable to conquer the town in 1228, From this date in 1228, the name of Ertokuş disappears from the sources: we do not know when or where Ertokuş died.

In addition, Mübarizeddin Ertokuş can be noted for the buildings, including caravanserai and madrasa built by him in today's province of Isparta and for a mosque, no longer extant in Antalya. The maintenance and upkeep of these buildings was secured through his establishment of waqf (pious foundations) for this purpose.

*Yard. Doç. Dr. Hasan Geyikoğlu, Atatürk Üniversitesi, Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi, Tarih Bölümü, 25240 Erzurum.

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