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        Adalya I/1996
        The Contents and Abstracts;


Refik DURU*
"On the Neolithic Architecture of the Burdur Region and It's Relation to the Contemporary Neolithic Architecture of Anatolia"
P. 1-22


Fahri IŞIK*
"The Reality of Pamphylia and Anatolia"
P. 23-44


Sencer ŞAHİN*
"The Founders of the City of Perge and Plancia Magna"
P. 45-52


"Natural Events During the Period of lustinianos as Narrated in the 'Khronographia of Malalas'"
P. 53-60


Nevzat ÇEVİK*
"Elmalı Plateau in the Light of New Discoveries"
P. 61-72


S. Yıldız ÖTÜKEN*
"Studies of the Lycian Middle Ages and the Excavation at the St. Nicolas Church in Demre"
P. 73-86


Z. Kenan BİLİCİ*
"A Wall Tile Found in the Excavation at the Alanya Castle"
P. 87-94


"The Beveled Corners of Some Antalya Houses"
P. 95-104


Muhammet GÜÇLÜ*
"The Administrative and Demographic Profiles of Antalya at the End of the 19th Century"
P. 105-110


"Which Murat Pasha?"
P. 111-114


Ahmet TOPBAŞ**
"Yörük Tombstones and Their Motifs in the Antalya Region"
P. 115-124