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        ADALYA XVII/2014
        The Contents and Abstracts;


Nikos Efstratiou - Paolo Biagi - Elisabetta Starnini
"The Epipalaeolithic Site of Ouriakos on the Island of Lemnos and its Place in the Late Pleistocene Peopling of the East Mediterranean Region"
P. 1 - 24


Süleyman Özkan - Mücella Erdalkıran
"Çukurkent Neolithic Settlement in Light of New Finds"
P. 25 - 44


Hale Güney
"Same Type, Different Legend: Anchiale or Soloi?"
P. 45 - 54


H. Asena Kızılarslanoğlu – Erkan Alkaç
"Hellenistic Rhodian Amphorae and Amphora Stamps Excavated at Elaiussa"
P. 55 - 68


Deniz Kaplan
"Stagnation in Construction Activities during the Early Roman Imperial Period in Eastern Rough Cilicia (Olba Region) and Isodomic Towers: Uprisings in Rough Cilicia/Isauria"
P. 69 - 84


Hamdi Şahin – Aşkım Özdizbay
"New Proposals for the Kurşun Kalesi Temple and Stoa in Rough Cilicia"
P. 85 - 122


İnci Delemen – Emine Koçak
"The Dancing Attis: A Bronze Statue from the Macellum / Agora of Perge"
P. 123 - 144


Ayça Polat Becks – Hüseyin Metin
"A Votive Stele with Plouton-Kore Depiction from Pisidia and Some Remarks on the Local Cult"
P. 145 - 158


Filiz Cluzeau
"An Homeric Dream Oracle from Termessos"
P. 159 - 180


Emma L. Baysal – Hugh Elton
"A tomb with a view: the rock-cut cemetery at Alahan in Isauria"
P. 181 - 208


Mehmet Oktan – Gülcan Şaroğlu
"Eine neue Widmungsinschrift des Statthalters Valerius Diogenes für Konstantin den Großen aus dem pisidischen Antiochia"
P. 209 - 220


Nevzat Çevik – Süleyman Bulut
"The East Baths at Andriake: A New Example Casting Light on the Bath Architecture of the Region"
P. 221 - 262


Eric Laufer – Johannes Lipps
"Eine frühbyzantinische Kirche beim pisidischen Pednelissos und ihre kaiserzeitlichen Spolien"
P. 263 - 280


Çiğdem Gençler-Güray – Nilüfer Peker
"A Figure-Engraved Glass Bowl from the Early Byzantine Period"
P. 281 - 294


Hatice Durgun
"Interventions to the Sheikhdom and Charitable Foundations (Awqaf) of Abdal Musa Dergahı in Elmalı in the Nineteenth Century"
P. 295 - 310


Mehmet Ak
"Administrative Structure and Population in Antalya (1915)"
P. 311