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        Adalya XVIII/2015
        The Contents and Abstracts;


İrfan Deniz Yaman
"The Relationship between Chambers E and B of Karain Cavein the Middle Paleolithic Period"
P. 1 - 32


Ralf Becks
"A Chalcolithic Cave-Site in Pisidia: İncirdere Mağarası"
P. 33 - 44


Tarkan Kahya - H. Ali Ekinci
"Temples to Mother Goddess Discovered at Düver Peninsula"
P. 45 - 72


F. Eray Dökü
"Revaluation of Kabalis Burial Customs in the Light of New Findings in Manca and Hasanpaşa"
P. 73 - 100


İnci Delemen – Emine Koçak – H. Ali Ekinci
"Two Bronze Heads from Melli / Kocaaliler near Burdur"
P. 101 -120


Nihal Tüner Önen – Fatih Yılmaz
"A New Athena Polias Votive Inscription from the Acropolis of Phaselis"
P. 121 - 132


Rinse Willet - Jeroen Poblome
"The Scale of Sagalassos Red Slip Ware Production - Reconstructions of Local Need and Production Output of Roman Imperial Tableware"
P. 133 - 158


Hüseyin Sami Öztürk
"The Re-evaluation of the Kocain (Antalya)Eirenarches, Anteirenarches and Diogmites Inscriptions"
P. 159 - 180


Burhan Varkıvanç
"Periaktoi at the Theater of Kaunos"
P. 181 - 202


Gamze Kaymak
"New Research, New Finds and New Interpretations at Temple P in Side"
P. 203 - 241


Murat Durukan
"Why did the Economy Flourish in the East Mediterranean during Late Antiquity?Roles of the Silk Route and Spice Route, LR1 Amphorae, and Other Evidence from Cilicia"
P. 241 - 258


Julian Bennett
"Christianity in Lycia: from its beginnings to the ‘Triumph of Orthodoxy’ "
P. 259 - 288


Ayşe Aydın
"A Menas Ampulla with Saint Konon"
P. 289 - 302


Ebru Fatma Fındık
"Examples of Boucla and Gouna from the Greek Cemetery of the St. Nicholas Church in Myra / Demre"
P. 303 - 324


Kemal Reha Kavas
"Environmental Anesthesia and False Vernacular Architecture: The Case Study of the Western Taurus Mountains"
P. 325