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        Adalya VI/2003
        The Contents and Abstracts;


Remzi YAĞCI*
"White Slip II Vessels and Cypriot-Soli Relations in the 2nd Millenium B.C."
P. S. 1-20


Günter NEUMANN**
Klaus SCHULZ***
"Tuminehi / Tymnessos"
P. 21-90


"Piracy along the coasts of Lycia, Pamphylia and Cilicia Tracheia from 188 BC to 67 BC: Reasons and Consequenses"
P. 91-118


A. Vedat ÇELGİN*
"Artemis Cults in the Territory of Termessos I: The Cult of 'Artemis Kelbesis' in the Ancient Settlement of Ahırtaş-Örentepe (Kelbesos) A review of the Contributions of Recent Epigraphic Research"
P. 119-140


A. Vedat ÇELGİN*
"Artemis Cults in the Territory of Termessos II: The Cult of 'Aspalos-Artemis' in the Ancient Settlement of Keldağ / Göldağ (Neapolis) An Evaluation in Light of the Epigraphical and Archaeological Data"
P. 141-170


Simon YOUNG*
"Pamphylian Architectural Decoration in the Second Century AD: Purely Derivative or an Independent Tradition?"
P. 171-188


Nevzat ÇEVİK*
F. Fatih GÜLŞEN****
"A Settlement in Lycia: Danözü / Kastabara"
P. 189-223


S. Yıldız ÖTÜKEN*
"Researches on the Ceramics of the Middle Ages from Excavations and Surveys in the Lycian Region"
P. 233-250


"The Evaluation of the Motifs and Styles of the Architectural Sculpture of the Byzantine Age in Antalya and Lycia"
P. 251-264


"The Tablet Describes Daniel Figure in the Tarsus Museum"
P. 265-280


Nilay Çorağan KARAKAYA*
"The Deesis Fresco Scene in the Basilica of Saint Nicholas at Demre (Myra) in Antalya Province"
P. 281-292


İlhan ERDEM*
"Antalya, a City of the Middle Ages: A General Approach to Its Development from Late Antiquity to the End of Seljuk Period (II)"
P. 293-304


"A 14th century Account of Antalya's Sunken Cities. A Historical Context and a Literary Tradition"
P. 305-336